About Us

The Wood Bat Factory Family

We are simply baseball fanatics! To be authentic, we believe that the sport of baseball should be played with a wood bat, and not just any wood bat; it should be played with a wood bat with straight grain! All of our hard-working employees work tirelessly to make sure we put a well-made product in the hands of each player.

Located in the Leatherstocking region of Upstate New York we pride ourselves in making and distributing some of the finest wood bats in the industry. The Wood Bat Factory and its affiliates use only hand-split billets from the very same mill: the Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Company, also located in Upstate New York. Each piece of wood is personally inspected for any blemishes or defects before it is finished into the final product you see.

The Wood Bat Factory family is dedicated to creating a durable, long-lasting product that every baseball player, including Major Leaguers, are proud to use.