About Us

The Wood Bat Factory Mission

 The Wood Bat Factory mission is to stay true to the values and traditions baseball was founded on.  

We believe every baseball game whether it's a Major League game, youth tournament or backyard play should be played with a wood bat made with straight grain! 

Shop with confidence as we guarantee 100% of our playing bats are made with hand-split billets that gives every wood bat sold from our store, the straightest grain on the market!  The Wood Bat Factory is dedicated in creating a unique shopping experience by only caring wood bat vendors who buy our billets.  

Located in the Cooperstown, NY our sister company Leatherstocking Hand-Split Billet Company distributes our customized hand-split processed billets to wood bat vendors from around the world.  Our billets are considered some of the finest wood bat standards in the industry. Each piece of wood is personally inspected for any blemishes or defects before it leaves our mill.

Working together we can bring back the true meaning of baseball by practicing with our hearts, believing in our abilities and keeping the values of the game in every play we make. 

We hope you enjoy our site and would love you to share your stories with us by contacting us at orders@thewoodbatfactory.com. 

Stay true to the game!